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R 23 170 000 | farm property for sale in ficksburg

Property Description

Own a piece of paradise. This gem's natural vegetation has been left untouched for at least 33 years. Only four hours (350km) from Johannesburg this amazing property has an abundance of water and is at the top of the list of beautiful farms in the Eastern Free State. Situated between Ficksburg and Fouriesburg in the Witteberg mountain range, only 30km from Ficksburg, 47km from Fouriesburg, 70km from Clarens, 88km from Bethlehem and 130km from Afriski. this registered nature reserve comprises of mountaintop and valley terrain covering an area of 1414 ha and held under two title deeds. Because of sheer cliffs on the Lesotho side there is no fence on that side adding a few hundred hectares additional grazing. If slopes are also taken into account the area must be at least 3 000 hectares. It is seldom that a property like this is available on the market. Senior officials from the Department of Nature Conservation made a comment "you do not get more beautiful than this!" on a recent visit. There is no current or any previous land claims on any of the three properties (Thaba Thabo, Gilboa and Afton). Hidden in the mountain with a mild climate during summer, abundance of water and animals, this is the perfect place to practise regenerative farming and hide from the effects of climate change and any pandemics. Thaba Thabo is the most remote and private farm in the district. The price includes at least 100 top quality pure-bred Nguni cattle. The cattle are extremely hardy and roam freely with the game. They receive no inoculations, no tick control, no de-worming and no additional feed or supplements except the occasional rock salt. The potential is to either do stud breeding with the Ngunis or use European breeding bulls or create a superior Thaba Thabo grassfed Nguni beef brand or add Wagyu bulls and sell calves or carcasses at a premium price. The opportunities with Nguni cattle are endless. It is also a well known fact that Nguni cows make the best mother line, producing a calf every year even during times of drought. A system of high density grazing or ultra high density grazing will work extremely well on the reserve, removing the need for fixed camps while also vastly increasing the carrying capacity. Similarly Damara sheep and/or indigenous goats offer a huge opportunity. Arable land is approximately 150 hectares. Much of the arable land is adjacent to two large dams. The dams are stocked with bass, carp and smallmouth yellowfish. Trout, catfish and banded tilapia could also be successful. All the water sources originate on the reserve and is therefore unpolluted. Due to the abundance of water aquaculture or aquaponics could be possible. The neighbours farm with vegetables, maize, sunflowers, sugar beans, soy beans, etc. This is also the perfect area for cherries, pomegranates, peaches, pears, apricots, asparagus and apples to name but a few. A mere 30 km from Thaba Thabo is a successful wine farm. Wine farming is therefore a possibility. Bottling water is another opportunity as the water is of exceptional quality. The farm is suitable for farming Black Truffle which requires very little labour and can deliver an income of up to R2 million per hectare per year from 5 years onwards since planting. Included in the sale is also a small snailery and a few thousand compost worms. The snailery could be built into a very profitable commercial venture. The reserve has unlimited potential for game breeding, ecotourism and hunting by both local and international hunters. It can also be used as a cattle and/or sheep farm or simply as a lifestyle farm. Farming indigenous livestock species such as Nguni cattle, Damara sheep and goats together with game animals creates a double income opportunity. This is the perfect environment to breed disease free buffalo as well as sable antelope, exotic wildebeest species, bontebok, etc. Eco-tourism could include hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, fishing, quad biking, mountain biking, 4x4 trails, abseiling, game viewing, zip lines, paragliding, hang gliding, adventure camps, etc..... the potential is truly only limited by a lack of imagination. Even a cable car would work on the reserve! The reserve is renowned for its scenic setting and boasts numerous wildlife species. There are breathtaking views in every direction, over the reserve and beyond and including the Maluti mountains of Lesotho. Tourists may use any of the four hiking trails to explore the reserve by foot, horseback, mountain bikes, quad bikes or motorcycles. Many towering sandstone cliffs, springs and perennial and seasonal streams are found on the reserve. A waterfall drops into a deep wooded gorge. There are many waterfalls all over the reserve during the rainy season. Several dams offer area shelter to an abundance of bird life. Even during the recent severe drought were we able to offer water to other farmers. Additional dams could easily be build in the numerous watercourses. During normal rainfall years the reserve receives an above average rainfall of 700 mm or more. The climate is mild during the warm months and we usually receive some snow during winter. Biologically it lies in a major ecological transitional zone resulting in a great diversity of habitats (both Drakensberg and Free State High Veld vegetation) and rare plant and animal communities with an affinity for rocky places, water courses and mixed vegetation, e.g. baboon, caracal, serval, genet, jackal, fox, otter, mongoose, dassie, porcupine and many others. There are also many bird species associated with high mountains such as grey-wing francolin, ground woodpecker, stone chat, rock thrush, orange breasted rock jumper, rock kestrel, malachite and great double collared sunbirds, bald ibis, gymnogene and black eagle. The reserve has one of the best geological exposures of the top of the Karoo geological system. Quartz and Agate crystals are in abundance on the mountaintops, providing another business opportunity for creating jewellery. Hence some people calling this the Crystal Mountain. In terms of safety aspects it is hidden in and on top of the mountain range with sheer cliffs on the Lesotho side. The access road ends at the reserve entrance so it does not border any roads and is surrounded by other farms making it extremely safe and private. There are no servitudes. This is a low maintenance farm and is suitable for either a full time farmer or a lifestyle farmer just looking for an incredible weekend and holiday retreat or a piece of heaven for retirement. The previous owner used it as a weekend and holiday lifestyle farm for 25 years. We currently employ one male and one female worker and they are quite capable of looking after the farm in the owner's absence. The workers own property in a nearby town so they do not have any right of permanent tenure should they be dismissed, retrenched or if they resign. Hunting is currently managed by a very experienced operator so the new owner does not have to be experienced in the hunting business if he/she wishes to continue with it. The price tag includes the following estimated animal numbers: (The game counts are only estimates and the real counts, whether higher or lower, will not influence the price) Eland (50) Black Wildebeest (120) Blesbok (80) Zebra (25) Warthog (unknown) Mountain Reedbuck (unknown) Common Reedbuck (unknown) Ostrich (4) Red Hartebeest (30) Duiker (unknown) Horses (1) Miniature Horses(3) Damara Sheep (60) Xhosa Lobear Goats (6) Free-range Chickens (30) Tame Geese (14) Donkeys (4) Mules (2) Alpacas (1) Jersey Cows (1) Nguni cattle (100 ) There are numerous spots where additional accommodation could be build and because the reserve consists of two title deeds a part could be developed and sold separately. There are many cut sandstone blocks on the farm that could be used for this purpose. There is also a G5 "gravel line" that runs through one of th

Property Details

Purchase PriceR 23 170 000

Type of PropertyFarm

Pets AllowedYes

Land Size1414 m2

Last Updated12 Apr 2022




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Dining Room2

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